Nikki Haley Stands Strong on the Second Amendment

Nikki Haley defends our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. She argues the right to bear arms was deemed so critical by our Founders that they spelled it out in absolute terms. She believes that any governmental action that undermines that right is in turn undermining the very freedoms that built our great nation. 

As a Concealed Weapon Permit holder, Second Amendment Rights are personal to her.
Nikki Haley Second Amendment

Nikki Haley’s Legislative Record on the Second Amendment

Nikki Haley has been fighting to make concealed carry rules far more simple in order to make it easier for Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) holders to carry. 

This is important to her as a Concealed Weapon Permit holder herself.  Here’s what she had to say at the signing of the Constitutional Carry Act signing:

What this does is this just allows those of us that choose to carry the right to carry where we need to go. This is something that we strongly believe in in terms of how South Carolina views the Second Amendment. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue this is a South Carolina issue and so I am very very proud that we could do this… I want to congratulate Senator Bennet, thank him for his fight, and thank him for his will to push forward on what we believe are great freedoms in this country and so Sean congratulations.

She also signed the Gun Reciprocity Bill allowing gun holders to carry lawfully between South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. She said at the signing: 

It’s a great day in South Carolina. We could not be more excited about what is happening today. It’s a great day in Georgia. It’s a great day in North Carolina. What we’ve done is we’ve acknowledged responsible citizens, … and we’ve acknowledged the fact that everybody should be able to move through our states and never doubt whether they are acknowledging the law.

See Nikki Haley Exercise Her Second Amendment Rights

At one of her signings, Nikki Haley invited her CWP instructor, Officer Mike Fitz, to the stage. He praised her for the important work she’s doing in her state and spoke about her gun training:

The governor doesn’t just talk the talk she walks the walk. She trained and took her course with Jerry Stoudemire, and I was her one-on-one personal instructor. The governor can hit what she shoots at. 

In 2013, she showed off the Beretta PX4 Storm pistol that Santa brought her for Christmas.

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Nikki Haley also exercised her constitutional right to keep and bear arms at a visit to FN Manufacturing. Here she is firing a machine gun in heels:

Here’s what Nikki Haley had to say about her visit to this gun manufacturer:

We came in and saw FN manufacturing. What a source of pride this is for South Carolina and for the country. For me this was particularly personal because they manufacture the M4’s, the M240’s, the M249’s, all which Michael is using right now in Afghanistan. This is one of our great manufacturers in South Carolina.

What Does Nikki Haley Say about Mass Shootings?

When tragedy struck South Carolina in the form of the Charleston Church Shooting, Nikki Haley didn’t back down from her defense of our Second Amendment rights. She recognizes that mass shootings are tragedies committed by sick individuals, not by the guns they operate.

She is an advocate for providing mental health resources to those who need them, preventing these tragedies while protecting our Second Amendment rights.

As Governor of South Carolina, she refused to play politics with the tragedy of the Charleston Church Shooting, and comforted a state thrown into deep sadness and chaos.

The national media came in in droves. They wanted to define what happened, they wanted to make it about racism, they wanted to make it about gun control, they wanted to make it about [the] death penalty. And I really pushed off the national media and said, ‘There will be a time and place where we talk about this, but it is not now, we’re gonna get through the funerals, we’re gonna respect them and then we will have that conversation.’

When the national media pressure was high, Nikki Haley stuck to her guns on Second Amendment rights. She will defend our gun rights as President of the United States, as well.

My stance on guns: As a CWP holder, I am pro 2nd amendment and pro 10th amendment and will defend both. I would support…

Posted by Nikki Haley on Thursday, December 27, 2012

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