Nikki Haley Will Grow Our Economy with Smart Policy

Nikki Haley is economically conservative. She believes in tight budgets and limiting government spending. She is focused on bringing the economy back to pre-coronavirus levels and repairing the damage done by Democratic leadership. Nikki Haley’s economic policy will provide tax relief, create millions of jobs, and reduce the national deficit.

Or as she put it more succinctly: “Mark me down as a capitalist.”

What Does Nikki Haley Say about Capitalism?

Her opinion piece “This Is No Time to Go Wobbly on Capitalism,” Nikki Haley opens up about how her experiences as governor and ambassador have informed her economic policy.

She believes that the embrace of the free market is a key part of America’s identity and one of the reasons why we are such a great country:

As governor of South Carolina, I saw capitalism work. Pro-market policies helped bring our state more than $20 billion in capital investment and created jobs in every county. But I saw something different during my time as ambassador to the U.N. I was reminded that not every country enjoys the same freedom and prosperity. More than 1.5 billion people still suffer under socialist regimes.

Nikki Haley’s Record on Economic Policy

South Carolina’s economy blossomed during Nikki Haley’s tenure as governor.

It was the fastest growing economy in the Southeast with tens of thousands of job opportunities created due to Nikki Haley’s dedication to drawing industry to the state. Nikki Haley’s degree in Accounting and her experience as governor make her the strongest candidate to manage budgets and create a booming economy on a national scale.

Here’s just an excerpt of how she described South Carolina’s tremendous economic growth in her 2015 State of the State speech as governor:

Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our state is inspiring.

Over the last four years I have had the great privilege of traveling far and wide representing our state and her people. What I’ve learned is that we’re not the only ones who love South Carolina.

Whether I’m in California or Connecticut, Montreal or Minnesota, the story of South Carolina’s success is front and center. Everywhere we go there is excitement – and frankly, not a small amount of envy – over who we are and what we’ve been able to accomplish. It’s a beautiful thing.

But last year I got to experience just how far that word is spreading.

In November, as many of you know, we travelled to India on a trade mission. India, of course, is the country of my parents’ birth. I hadn’t been there since I was two years old, so the trip was a special one for me – there are few things more impactful than seeing firsthand, for the first time, your own history.

But what was even more amazing to me was the connections I found between South Carolina and that far-off land.

I visited a workforce training center at Rayat-Bahra University in Mohali. Hundreds of students turned out for a talk I gave, and they had so many questions about South Carolina. But they didn’t just know about South Carolina because we have an Indian-American governor. The skill development center at their university is modeled after ICAR in Greenville. Their school has signed an agreement with Clemson University to expand cooperation and allow their students to share in our educational opportunities, and vice-versa.

Everywhere I went in India – from students to business leaders to government officials – they knew what was going on in South Carolina.

Our state is getting noticed across the country and the world, and we’re getting noticed for our triumphs, not our controversies. I couldn’t be more excited. Or more proud.

Together we have built an environment where businesses can and will and want to grow. It is an environment that has enabled Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental and now Giti to manufacture tires in our state, with our workers. It has led international giants like GE and BMW and Toray to say yes, we want to call South Carolina home. It has created a better life for our people, a brighter future for our children.

We’ve worked hard to build a world-class, world-renowned business climate. And we must fight to keep it.

As we move forward, Nikki Haley reminds Republicans nationwide that GOP economic and foreign policies have benefited all Americans over the past four years. The average American family is better off by $6,000 a year due to tax cuts and deregulation – policies that Nikki Haley will continue to expand should she become President of the United States.

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