What Is Nikki Haley Doing Now?

Curious about what Nikki Haley is doing now that she has stepped down as Ambassador to the UN? Nikki Haley has been far from inactive in Republican affairs. As she prepares for her next public office, Nikki Haley is changing the world on her own terms.

Since resigning from her position in the Trump administration, Nikki Haley has finished writing her second book and launched her own non-profit policy group.

Nikki Haley’s Non-Profit Policy Group, Stand For America

Nikki Haley is passionate about policy. She launched “Stand for America” to connect conservatives nationwide to the issues that matter to them. Stand for America helps promote public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security. The policy group’s tagline is a great way to sum up what Nikki Haley stands for: “Freedom at Home, Strength Abroad.”

Here’s what it’s all about.

Nikki Haley chose Tim Chapman as the executive director of Stand for America. He said that “when she left the administration she told the president that she wanted to stay engaged and promote good public policy, SFA is partly a platform for her to do that type of voice, to be engaged in public policy.”

What Has Nikki Haley Written about in Her Recent Editorials?

In addition to SFA, Nikki Haley uses a variety of platforms to be outspoken about the issues that matter most – stopping China, fighting for Israel, supporting working Americans, and more. She is the primary advocate for the great freedoms that make us so blessed to live in America, and she never stops fighting – whether that’s on social media, or in her editorial work.

Nikki Haley published her timely article “This Is No Time to Go Wobbly on Capitalism” in February 2020. She is fiercely critical of democrats who believe that socialist systems belong in America. 

Socialism is the dangerous proposition that government should control more of your life, including your property, your money and even your religion. From North Korea to China to Venezuela, socialism results in hunger, poverty and misery. It destroys communities, represses religion and crushes freedom.

She describes the way that she has been able to directly see capitalism improve people’s lives, both as Governor of South Carolina and as Ambassador to the UN. As she puts it, “America has lifted up more people and unleashed more prosperity than any other country in human history.”

What Republicans Has Nikki Haley Campaigned For?

Another way that Nikki Haley continues to demonstrate leadership and champion conservative policy is through her fundraising efforts. Nikki Haley campaigned aggressively for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, and helped raise both awareness and funds for many other conservative candidates’ Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races. Nikki Haley remains a huge source of support for conservative agendas nationwide.

She showed up to campaign for another powerhouse woman, Kelly Loeffler, to help secure her Senate seat in the January 2020 Georgia Special Elections. 

What Else Is Nikki Haley Doing Now?

Nikki Haley will always stand up to fight for her country. But in her brief break from public office, she has also enjoyed having more time at home in South Carolina. She loved helping her son with his college search and spending quality time with her mother, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. 

Nikki Haley opens up about other perks to taking a break from office in her book “With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace.” 2019 was her first year in 14 years as a private citizen who could step out of the spotlight and have time to read books again. She is also now able to become more active in the charity she founded back in 2011, the Original Six Foundation, which helps close the gap and give children in rural South Carolina the educational resources they need to live out their respective American dreams. 

Nikki Haley said of the Foundation, named in honor of her family,

I want these children to think big and dream big and know that growing up in a small, rural town is special.

Nikki Haley has been busy doing important work since leaving her post, and we can’t wait to see what she does when she returns to public office, hopefully as the first female President of the United States.

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