Where Did Nikki Haley Get Her Education?

What Was Nikki Haley’s Early Education Like?

Nikki Haley started her education by attending local public schools in her hometown of Bamberg, South Carolina through the 9th grade. After that, she then went to Orangeburg Prep. 

As Nikki Haley grew up in Bamburg, her mother taught elementary school in small-town South Carolina. Her roots inspired her to be deeply involved in education. 

When she became governor, Nikki Haley founded Original Six Foundation to provide children in rural areas with hands-on resources and opportunities to help close the educational gap. 

Nikki Haley believes that education and hard work are the foundation of the American Dream, and every child across South Carolina and the country should have the same opportunities. The Foundation is lovingly named after her own parents and three siblings, who were called the Original six.

Here she is talking about growing up in Bamburg, and why she loves the foundation so much:

Nikki Haley, “The Biggest Clemson Tiger Fan Ever”
Nikki Haley Clemson Education

In her speech at the Susan B. Anthony List gala, Nikki Haley identified herself as “the biggest Clemson Tiger fan ever.” She added, “you think I’m joking, I’m not. Ask coach Dabo.” Nikki Haley came to Clemson on a textile management scholarship, and ultimately ended up earning her Bachelors in Science in accounting.

Clemson University was founded in 1889 when Thomas Green Clemson left his fortune to the state in order to fulfill his vision of creating an agricultural military college upstate. It became a coeducational civilian college in 1955 and then became South Carolina’s first traditionally white institution to desegregate in 1963. It became Clemson University, the public research institution it is known as today, in 1964. 

Born and raised in South Carolina, Nikki Haley felt at home and welcomed by the Clemson community. She looks back on her time at Clemson fondly and loved the sense of school and state pride. Nikki Haley is 100% educated in South Carolina and couldn’t be a bigger fan of her university.

Nikki Haley was inspired to pursue accounting at Clemson after doing the bookkeeping for her mother’s business, Exotica International, starting at the age of 13. After graduating, she held several corporate positions before going into politics.

Nikki Haley is happy to see her daughter thriving at her alma mater as she pursues her degree in Nursing. The Haley’s regularly attend Clemson sporting events as a fun way to spend quality time as a family. Nikki Haley never fails to cheer on the Tigers, and even the Haley family dog, Bentley, sports his Clemson gear.

In 2018, Ambassador Nikki Haley was awarded an honorary doctorate in humanities from Clemson University before addressing 2018 graduating classes in the afternoon. She says that although this degree is fancier, she “worked a lot harder for the first one.” Hard work is one of Nikki Haley’s core values that she learned from her parents, and it is only fitting that it is one of Clemson University’s core values as well. 

According to Clemson’s home page:

“At Clemson, we believe in the value of hard work, and we pursue that work tirelessly. We believe that our collective calling as a University is to change lives, change perception and, through our work, to change the world.”

In her commencement address, Ambassador Haley said that the one word she would like to focus on most is gratitude.

Other than my parents, Clemson is what has shaped my life the most. I met my husband, Michael, my very first weekend at Clemson. We were engaged four years later in the botanical gardens. Now, I’m happy to say our daughter is a proud Clemson Tiger too. Not only did I find a family, I also found myself here. I’m very grateful to Clemson.

Being a Clemson Tiger is a huge part of her identity, and Nikki Haley loves to pay it forward and continue to be involved in the Clemson community.

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